Toyota Touch Auto Spa

Regular service keeps your vehicle running like new. But to keep it in even better condition, and safeguard its value, give your vehicle the extra care it deserves.


Our Toyota Touch detailing specialists offer a choice of three service levels — Deluxe, Premium and Ultimate — each designed to help protect your investment.

With Toyota Touch, you can experience extra care including…

Hand washing & drying of entire exterior
Power washing of wheels, inner fender & undercarriage
Vacuuming, deodorizing, shampooing, fabric and leather protectant
Paint restoration & sealant & machine polishing
Engine compartment degreasing
Lubrication of locks & hinges

Complete meticulous hand washing and drying of vehicle exterior
Detailed interior cleaning: vacuuming seats, carpets and floor mats; cleaning of glass and instrument panel
Deodorizing of passenger compartment
Detailed interior and exterior inspection report

Includes all deluxe items plus:
Power washing of wheels, inner fender and undercarriage
Vacuuming of trunk
Shampooing of floor mats and spot shampooing of stains
Paint restoration process to help restore factory paint finish lustre (Includes machine polishing and Toyota paint finish sealant)
Treatment of interior and exterior rubber and vinyl trim
Lubrication of locks and hinges

Includes all premium items plus:
Shampooing and degreasing of engine compartment and lower body
Two-step paint restoration process to help eliminate minor paint imperfections and to help restore factory paint finish lustre (Includes environmental residue removal)
Complete interior shampooing of fabric seats, carpet floor mats and door panels
Application of fabric protectant or leather conditioner on interior fabric or leather surfaces

À la carte services are also available
Hand Wash
Wash and Toyota Paint Finish Sealant Application
Machine Polish including wash & residue removal
Undercarriage Power Wash
Engine Shampoo
Interior Shampoo
Shampooing Carpet Mats
Fabric Protectant Application
Leather Conditioner Application

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